Vision for a Better Future…

Dedicated to the exploration and nurturing of the human brain in order to evolve to its fullest potential towards the creation of a fully creative society.

मानव मस्तिश्क को पूर्ण रूप से विकसित होने हेतु एक मुक्त स्थान है; जहां व्यक्ति की सम्भावनाओं को खिलने का पूरा अवसर है। षिक्षक और विद्यार्थी दोनों ही जब सीखने के लिए साथ आते हैं तो उनका सम्बन्ध और उससे निर्मित परिवेष विद्यालय बन जाता है। विद्यार्थी के भीतर सीखने वाला मन तैयार हो इसके लिए षिक्षक जो उनके सहअन्वेशक हैं उन्हें सहयोग करते हैं क्योंकि जब विद्यार्थी के भीतर सीखने वाला मन तैयार हो जाता है तो वह स्वयं सीखने की ओर उन्मुख होता है और फिर उसके लिए पूरा विष्व ही उसका अध्ययन क्षेत्र हो जाता है।

Space for Nurturing Creativity, Shyamavan was founded 2009 and later officially registered as a Society in April 2011, with the mission of fostering future generations of mindful, sensitive and creative individuals, able to live and learn harmoniously and self-sustainably in collaboration with each other as well as with nature. We understand in order to create a peaceful and collaborative society, without competition much less conflict, we must learn to see each other as an inter-connected part of the whole collective of humanity, and as such our grass roots rural based programs focus on Empowerment to Make Positive Impacts on Society by fostering: Harmonious Mindful Collaborative Living and learning through Residential Holistic Education, Self-Sustainable Development and various Community Initiatives throughout the surrounding villages.

Space for Nurturing Creativity - Volunteers from all over the worldOur center resides in the small Garhwali village of Khumera, in Rudraprayag District, Uttarakhand, along the Mandakini River, nearly 45km downstream from Kedarnath, 5km upstream from Guptakashi. However our scope is mostly locally based supporting our surrounding communities, people also come from all over the country and abroad to participate in as well as contribute their expertise to our various inspiring and empowering educational programs.

Over the years the initial group has expanded to include other siblings, friends and colleagues who share interests and goals inline with our mission. A younger batch, whose parents have sought out an alternative collaborative living and holistic educational opportunity for their children, has become the primary school experiment we have been conducting in order to further develop our curriculum. Collectively our residential co-learners mostly come from rural villages throughout the Garhwal and Kumaon regions of Uttarakhand, the older batch bringing with them a variety of experiences gained while living, studying and working in other regions.

सृजनषील समाज रचना के लिए मनुश्य के मस्तिश्क की पूर्ण सम्भावनाओं की खोज व उसके पोशण हेतु स्पेष फाॅर नर्चरिंग क्रियेटिविटी ष्यामावन कार्यरत है।

Who we are & How we live…

Among all aspects of our daily lives, we take most seriously the pursuit of truth.

For life to be based on a foundation of truth, we consider holistic education to be that which not only enables the linking of all aspects of life (sustainability, holistic wellness, yoga, meditation, math, science, social-science, history, philosophy, music, arts, writing, communication etc), but also most importantly the means towards grasping a deeper understanding of all its reality.

We are 90% young women and girls, meditators, learners, social workers, researchers, educators, artists, writers, farmers, bringing to our Alternative Curriculum Development a wide spectrum of expertise (going beyond traditional academics) ranging from organic farming, composting and food processing, to sewing, embroidery, and knitting, from classical kathak dance to yoga, from Hindustani classical vocal and instrumental sangeet to global electronic music production, from drawing, painting and sculpture to digital photography, from creative writing, poetry, and song composition to storytelling and drama, from puppetry and street theater to community radio, from leading marches and rallies to citizen journalism for activism and social-change.

We all agree learning has no limit and thus does not end with a printed certificate in hand.

Our Work:

Community Initiatives
Disaster Relief Management
Fruit Processing
Residential Programs
School Partnership Programs
Self Sustainability
Solar Energy
Srijan Course
Srijan Niketan
Teaching Methodologies

2013 Kedarnath Disaster Relief
Space for Nurturing Creativity - Holistic Education - alternative assessment methods
Alternative Assessment Methods
Creative, Practical, Experiential Learning
Educational Tours - learning on the road
Handmade in-house weekly Newspapers
Space for Nurturing Creativity - Self - Sustainability - hea;thy snacks, peaches
Healthy Snacks: 2016 Peach Harvest
Himalayan Day Celebrated on 9 Sep in SNCShyamavan
Holistic Curriculum
Space for Nurturing Creativity - Holistic Education - Sammilan
sammilan - Assimilate each Day's Experiences
Space for Nurturing Creativity - Holistic Education - Samvad
samvād - Dialogue, Discussion, Healthy Debate
School Partnerships, Kedarnath Valley
Srijan Course
Srijan Niketan
Space for Nurturing Creativity - Holistic Education - meditation
śruti - "Cosmic Sound of Truth" though Meditation
Space for Nurturing Creativity - Teaching Methodologies - svādhyāya
svādhyāya - Independent Self Study
Space for Nurturing Creativity - Self-Sustainability - solar energy
Using Solar Energy
Yoga practice

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