Residential Programs

Residential Programs, where living and learning are not separate compartments that make up our day, but interconnected realms through which we interact with each other and the world around us.

सहजीवन – सहशिक्षण Sahajivan – Sahaśikṣaṇ is a holistic approach to co-living and co-learning in order to foster a creative atmosphere where, through multi-generational supportive relationships among various age-groups, together we can explore the truth of reality.

As a center, Space for Nurturing Creativity is a model intentional community cum alternative residential learning center, fulfilling the roles of both school and family, providing both the fostering which parents would naturally offer, as well as the education which teachers would support… read more

Through dialog, research, direct observation, practical experience, experimentation and self-evaluation, our resident co-learners not only receive guidance towards aiding in each individual academic study, but also in developing their capacity towards self-awareness, discretion, independent thinking, creativity, self-confidence and leadership.

Sṛjan Niketan is our Residential Holistic Education program for co-learners ages 5 – 16, for the overall nourishment of the Heart, Mind & Body of children and younger teenagers.

Srijan Course is our Residential Holistic Education program for teens and young adults to develop a healthy understanding of the interconnected relationships between oneself and others: family, friends, society, country, the global world, it’s environment and the cosmic energy that surrounds us, in order to develop the various required skills f or the maintenance of a self-sustainable lifestyle.

Academic Year:
However the academic year for our Residential Programs runs April through March in accordance with the national government and private school systems, we do not necessarily follow the National Holiday schedule.

Holidays: To escape the cold and potential snow fall in our area, we take a yearly Educational Tour during the month of December. Following which our co-learners are given time from January 1st – February 15th to travel to their home villages and visit their families.

Admissions: we have a slightly rolling admissions that runs from April through July.

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