Community Initiatives

सामाजिक पहल

sāmājik pahal

Our Community Initiatives are empowering our neighbors in the surrounding villages and beyond.

With the understanding that social transformation begins with changing the way we raise and educate our children, all of our Community Initiatives (many of which are educational) are founded upon the aim of creating a new harmonious society based on collaboration among our community as well as the natural environment.

For the creation of a new harmonious, collaborative and self-sustainable society, first we must identify and understand the issues in our society that promote competition and further prevent such harmony. This is done by the investigation and questioning of both the earlier and contemporary cultural, economic, political, and social systems in which we live, deconstructing them in ways that historically explain their establishment as well as predict their eventual decay. In order to evaluate a society’s systems we have to study and understand our current standard education system and vice versa because these systems are indeed inter-related, both with the ability to influence each other as well as play a major role in their transformation.

Furthermore replacing the robotic conversations that merely regurgitate the standards set upon us by status quo society, with lively discussions and debate powerful enough to break us out of the rigidness of being stuck in the consumer driven materialistic rat race beginning to seep its way into our villages, in order to challenge the simple minded mainstream and thus give an uprising of multi-dimensional thinking and perspectives, are the driving forces behind our community initiatives, by which we hope to contribute to the reformation of our society.

Based on this understanding, considering both immediate and long term issues at hand, SNC’s primary initiatives (often in collaboration with other individuals or organizations) involve conducting informative dialogue sessions, empowerment seminars and skills building workshops that promote collaboration and self-sustainability among various groups in our surrounding community (from the general public to intellectual groups, youth, women, and children) as well as disaster relief addressing environmental situations that suddenly arise.

Working together we can do anything…

Some of Our Recent and Upcoming Community Initiatives


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