Creative, Practical, Experiential Learning

Creative, Practical, and Experiential Learning…

that fosters curiosity, exploration and discovery over a wide span of academic and arts subjects such as: Math, Language (Sanskrit, Hindi & English), Science, Geography, History, Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, sewing, embroidery, knitting, jewelry design and other crafts), Music, Dance, Drama, Physical Education and Yoga.

Over the years we have developed a mindful and creative activity oriented approach towards adhering to the academic standards required of the CBSC and Uttarakhand Boards’ Syllabi and NCERT curriculum books, most often making common connections between various subjects, ultimately linking several together in one cohesive learning activity. What sets our approach apart from other teaching methodologies is that instead of instilling fear or anxiety around exams with the pressure to memorize and regurgitate crammed information, we strive to foster curiosity, exploration, discovery and thus ultimately a deeper comprehension over a wide span of academic and arts subjects.

Co-learners are able to create links between various academic and arts subjects, as well as make the material they are studying relate-able to their every-day lives.

The self-esteem, confidence, intuitive creativity in co-learners increase, empowering them to overcome the fear of and rather ignite the joy of learning, to ensure all hidden potential in a child are brought to surface and they feel inspired and encouraged to express their own original ideas in creative ways.



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