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Holistic Curriculum for Multi-generational Co-Learners:

Our evolving Holistic Curriculum strives to foster curiosity, exploration, discovery and thus ultimately a deeper comprehension over a wide span of academic and arts subjects…

Over the years we have developed a mindful and creative activity oriented approach towards adhering to the academic standards required of the CBSC and Uttarakhand Boards’ Syllabi and NCERT curriculum books, most often making common connections between various subjects, ultimately linking several together in one cohesive learning activity. What sets our approach apart from other teaching methodologies is that instead of instilling fear or anxiety around exams with the pressure to memorize and regurgitate crammed information, we strive to foster curiosity, exploration, discovery and thus ultimately a deeper comprehension over a wide span of academic and arts subjects. As such there are several components we would like to implement in the surrounding local Government Primary schools that would further enhance the classroom environment and supplement the curriculum they already have in place.

The children and youth in our care are raised with the awareness of their interconnected relationship with the nature. The experience of living in the rural environment of Kedarnath Valley provides them with opportunities to participate in planting trees, growing their own organic food, herbs and flowers, as well maintaining their own campus’ waste management system, enabling them to distinguish between which items could be considered trash, compost, or recyclable. As we have been striving towards establishing a self-sustainable collaborative community, our co-learners are being guided towards making low-carbon footprints, minimal impacts on the environment via keeping in mind the concepts of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We not only make our own handicrafts, games and toys, but also many of the materials used to implement our curriculum are created using recycled resources, re-appropriated from our surrounding natural environment.

We have found that encouraging a daily meditation practice has played a major role in holistically supporting our co-learners’ capacity for concentration, as well as their ability to grasp a deeper comprehension of each subject at hand. Furthermore our co-learners are more able to maintain an overall sense of calmness in a variety of challenging situations as well as general mindfulness in and out of the classroom.

We have also experienced how collaborative music making (both singing and playing instruments in groups) provides an alternative way of fostering teamwork, without the competitive drive side affect that accompanies sports. Not only our co-learners develop their ability to listen to others and fill-in, so that each individual member of the group can become in-synch with the collective rhythm, but also we have noticed how through music they become easily synched up with the natural pulse of the nature that surrounds them.

Similarly using creative activities to present and explore academic content, not only inspires participation in our students, but also expands their curiosity and interest in learning. When learning is fun and enjoyable it ceases to feel like “work”, and thus energy and enthusiasm levels are maintained at their utmost.

Our classroom atmosphere not only encourages but actually thrives on questions and dialog, through which our co-learners develop the stillness and patience needed to truly listen to others, as well as the self confidence needed to articulately express their ideas.

In order to expose children to different living conditions and lifestyles that exist among the diversity throughout various states in India, every year during the winter season we take an educational tour. So far we have visited both cities and villages throughout Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Maharasthra, Karnatika, Kerala, mostly hosted by locals who share similar concern for holistic education and samaj seva.

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Our Holistic Teaching Methodologies

Creative, Practical, Experiential Learning

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Educational Tours – learning on the road

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Space for Nurturing Creativity - Holistic Education - Samvad

samvād – Dialogue, Discussion, Healthy Debate

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Space for Nurturing Creativity - Teaching Methodologies - svādhyāya

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śruti – “Cosmic Sound of Truth” though Meditation

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