sammilan – Assimilate each Day’s Experiences



Taking time each evening before sleep for sammilan, to assimilate the day’s experiences, helps maintain a balance state of mind.

Just as in order to maintain a healthy body one must digest and eliminate food properly before eating again, it is even more important in order to maintain an emotionally healthy mind to take the time to “digest” and dispose of the processed contents of each day before beginning another. Various techniques can be done, both independently and within the group, to free the mind from all of the zillions of conscious, subconscious and even subliminal impressions it collected throughout the day, in preparation for the next day.

Daily Diary Writing regarding what one has learned, understood and felt throughout the day (which are not kept private but shared with others) are ways for individuals to evaluate themselves and their own personal progress both academically as well emotionally.



Non-judgmental critique sessions are a way for each individual to, both evaluate themselves and others, as well as give and receive constructive feedback on various aspects of their lives and learning at Shyamavan.

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Critique sessions are also a way for co-learners to discuss their own discoveries regarding their individual explorations in reference to specific questions that have come up in their minds, as well as propose new questions that have come up in the process. Co-learners can also demonstrate if and how some of the samvad topics are actually relatable to our lives. Furthermore these sessions provide opportunities for co-learners to share their individual inner, emotional, and inter-personal transformations that are occurring within oneself and between each other.

Participation, collaboration, openness and sharing are encouraged as we create a safe environment in which to act as mirrors for each other through our relationships.



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