samvād – Dialogue, Discussion, Healthy Debate



Learning through question driven dialogue, discussion, and healthy debate…

Our classroom atmosphere not only encourages but actually thrives on questions and dialogue, through which our co-learners develop the stillness and patience needed to truly listen to others, as well as the self confidence needed to articulately express their ideas.

संवाद वह धरातल है जहां से मस्तिश्क खोज की ओर उन्मुख होता है। षिक्षा की सही समझ बनाने हेतु षिक्षक और विद्यार्थी के भीतर जो भी सवाल पैदा होते हैं उस पर सह-संवाद किया जाता है।

Frequent discussions (formal and informal), regarding both academic subjects as well as life philosophies and experiences, provide opportunities for participants to share with the group what we are questioning, observing, exploring, discovering, and feeling. Ultimately samvād becomes an everyday tool to break down stereotypes, assumptions, misconceptions and mis-perceptions about ourselves, others and the world around us.

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Through daily samvād (dialogue) sessions our co-learners’ are increasingly able to create links between various academic and arts subjects, as well as make the material they are studying relate-able to their every-day lives.

In learning to participate in productive dialogue among multi-generations / various age groups, children also learn to face and overcome their fears, express themselves articulately, as well as ask important questions, as they foster their own curiosity and exploration of themselves and the world around them.

Furthermore our co-learners’ patience levels and ability to truly hear each other increase, so that the classroom, home environment and community at large begin to evolve into more collaborative and harmonious places to live and learn, where loving kindness and concern for fellow beings will flourish over competition.

We don’t tell a co-learner when, where, why, how, what iswe ask them.



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