Srijan Niketan

सृजन निकेतन

sṛjan niketan

Residential Holistic Education program for co-learners ages 5 – 16
for the overall nourishment of the Spriit, Mind & Body of children and younger teenagers.

Through ‘Srijan Niketan’ we strive to maintain a suitable environment for the balanced development of a child’s spirit, mind and body. Led by mentors, seasoned through the great churn of our human condition via their diverse experiences with meditation, alternative education, and general life in the ‘world’ within a variety of societies, all educational and social programs for the children in our care (24 hours a day, approximately 335 days a year), are geared towards providing a well balanced mix of nurturing guardianship and guidance with fostering the independence and self-awareness needed to begin to guide oneself.

मनुश्य के मन, मस्तिश्क एवं शरीर के पोशण, संरक्षण एवं शिक्षण हेतु उचित परिवेष ‘सृजन निकेतन’ है। मानस मंथन से तैयार व्यक्तियों द्वारा सृजन निकेतन के अन्तर्गत 6 से 16 वर्श के बच्चों के लिए शैक्षणिक व व्यावहारिक कार्यक्रमों का संचालन। पोशण, संरक्षण व शिक्षण बच्चे की प्राथमिक आवष्यकता हैं और ‘सृजन निकेतन’ बच्चे के स्वस्थ पोशण, आवष्यक संरक्षण और समग्र शिक्षण की दिषा में एक पहल है। बच्चों के शिक्षण में उनके चारों ओर का परिवेष ही उनका विद्यालय है; बच्चों की आवष्यकता के अनुसार परिवेष तैयार करना जिससे उनका मौलिक चिन्तन प्रखर हो। मानस मंथन से तैयार व्यक्तियों द्वारा बच्चों के लिए रचनात्मक पाठ्यक्रम तैयार कर उनकी विशयगत योग्यता पर कार्य करना।

Preparing a Child for Svādhyāya
Once the inner seeker is fully matured and active, the student is eager to learn and turns everything around them into a place of learning.

‘Education’opportunities to learn are embedded all around student’s immediate environment, which naturally creates their learning space ie. ‘school’a healthy blend of life coaching and prescriptive ‘lessons’.

•Introduction of various meditation techniques for increasing observation ability in daily activities through hearing of Atmospheric Sounds & Instrument Sounds with practice of overall hearing and concentration
•Experimental Education/Teaching on subjects related to self and surrounding environment through medium of direct observation and research ( Acting, Story, Poems, Excursions/ Sightseeing, Experimental Activities)
•To have a conversation on questions emerged in mind during daily activities
•Regular writing of diary and review to refine daily activities and behavior
•Editing of handwritten magazines and weekly newspapers for creatively expressing emotions and thoughts
•Initial training of Classical & Folk Music (Singing, Playing, Dancing), Yoga, Art & Craft, Acting, Games, Agriculture & Gardening, Culinary Skills and Basics of Computer
 Trends made in doing experiment with self
 Daily evaluation of activities related to self
 Self-initiative on study of questions emerged in mind
 Increase in learning ability
 Increased understanding of collective lifestyle by living in groups
 Increase in capability along with thematic understanding

Fulfilling the roles of both school and family, providing both the fostering which parents would naturally offer as well as the education, which teachers would support…

Residential Programs, where living and learning are not separate compartments that make up our day, but interconnected realms through which we interact with each other and the world around us.