Himalayan Day Celebrated on 9 Sep in SNCShyamavan

Himalayas have been soul of the country by virtue of cultural, ethnic, ecological and economical values. It has not been guarding country’s border only but constantly serving its human by enriching soil, air, water etc. SNCShyamavan has celebrate the Himalayan day to save Himalayas c Unfortunately importance of Himalayas was always underestimated for its integral role in overall development of the Nation. Deterioration of Himalayan system due to inadequate attention has threatened our Life Supporting Resources. Status of forest, water, air soil has become alarmingly grim. There are two facts that need to be seriously brought to cognizance. Life can not sustain without natural resources and Himalaya is the major donor of the same. Since Himalayan health largely decides climate, economy and ecology of the nation, substantial attention to its native become equally important as latter shape its ecology and environment.

Uttrakhand communities had always been deprived of any pervasive development which their counterpart enjoyed. They suffered in past but never resented because of their candidness.  Statehood to Himalayan states of course has been one of the initiatives to address socio-political issues but because of inappropriate approach, desire development scale could not be scored. SCNShyamavan always support to natural culture to remain same.

It is high time to open a debate on status of Himalaya and its efficacies to serve communities. There have been a number of movements to conserve Himalayan resources but unfortunately they don’t have much to claim in saving Himalaya’s dignity. It is often now resonate whether saving of Himalaya is the responsibility of its native only? The larger benefit of Himalayas have been taken by its counterpart be it a water, forests or soil. These resources have been shrinking fast and ultimate brunt has to be born by everyone of us.

Himalayas deserve attention because of ushering, guarding and catering resource needs of the whole nation. This calls for a serious discussion at national level with the highest body of justice, which is the community.



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