The handling of all of the collaborative living and learning arrangements at S.N.C. thrives due to our mutual cooperation and self-sustainability.

In order to create a truly healthy society each individual needs to foster a collaborative nature so that one can always contribute towards making social structures and systems that are mentally, intellectually and economically self sustainable. This begins at the grass roots level, first within the home or local community in which one lives and learns.

Most societies are dependent upon the social structures and systems set up and run by the governments and private corporations, both of which thrive due towards their greed driven competitive natures. Such societies are not completely healthy, especially in looking at each common individual’s standards of living.

As an model intentional community, we are striving towards living somewhat “off the grid” by employing such self-sustainability methods as: growing our own organic grains, fruits and vegetables; raising a cow and her calf which provide us with organic milk products; heating water for bathing, washing clothes and dishes via several solar water heaters as well as using solar lamps during times when the government provided electricity goes out (which happens daily, especially during monsoon).

Our Self-Sustainability Projects

Space for Nurturing Creativity - Self-Sustainability - solar energy

Using Solar Energy

Because we live in such a rural area, the government provided electricity is not a consistent 24 hour facility, therefore ...
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Space for Nurturing Creativity - Self - Sustainability - hea;thy snacks, peaches

Healthy Snacks: 2016 Peach Harvest

Healthy Snacks: fresh peaches, homemade peach jam & chutney In 2004 Atmaram Bahuguna planted approximately 20 peach trees in the ...
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