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In order to maintain an unobstructed flow of on-going sustainable project based innovation, any and all support we receive goes directly towards the fulfillment of our vision.

SNC is a collective open space for the exploration of truth.

Together we will lay the foundation…

for providing the proper guidance of children, as they begin their journey towards becoming a future generation of mindful, sensitive and creative individuals, able to live harmoniously, truly evolved human beings, rich in moral values and cultural traditions, responsible citizens concerned with collaboration within their community and living in accordance with the nature, as well as begin to create a collaborative network of mutual support.

All of the SNC residents (adults and children) willingly take responsibility for the nurturing care, protection and encouragement of each other’s creative exploratory learning, as well as their overall physical and emotional well being; an intentionally collaborative mutual support upon which we base this inter-related journey so called life.

As such we try to maintain the purity of any which medium of outside support that comes our way.
Who so ever feels inclined to support our initiatives, automatically becomes a valued contributing part of our collective. Therefore, for anyone who wishes to support or help us in any capacity towards fulfilling our vision driven goals, it is essential that they not only understand, but also fully believe in this vision. Otherwise, such offers from those who do not, we most humbly decline.

If you feel you are indeed committed to such truth seeking endeavors and wish to support us in any way: be it offering your financial or in-kind donation, skills sharing workshop or volunteering your time by participating in any of our initiatives, please do contact us via the form below.

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